Android N Phone app shows phone numbers of nearby places

While testing Android N on my Nexus 6P I ran into a usefull new functionality in the phone app. The phone app will show you nearby places when you are searching for contacts and their name matches.

For example the company I just drove by is Rexel in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Photo Rexel Company

When I look up Rexel in my contacts, they are not there.

Screenshot Google Contacts App Android N

When I look up Rexel in my Phone app, they are shown as nearby places.

Screenshot Google Phone app Android N

The same functionality works as caller ID. When Someone from Rexel Eindhoven would call me the name “Rexel Eindhoven” will show as caller Id.

I think it is a useful addition to the phone app. Google has all the company information in their Google Maps databases, why not supply the Android users with this information. On this screen Android gave me three suggestions for nearby places in a 75 km radius. On similar searches the radius varied, but the maximum amount of suggestions is three.

This could also bring a revenue model to Google where companies can pay for getting the top spot in this list.

So, what do you think ?