Working with Chromebook

As a Google Advocate I use almost every available Google platform for work and privately. Recently I started using a Chromebook and here are my findings.

The Chromebook I use is a Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB30-B-104. Initially I tested a CB30-B-103 (1366×768), but switched to the 104 version for the 1920×1080 HD screen. I use the Chromebook Remote Desktop to login to a PC for tasks the Chromebook is not well equiped for. This PC also has a HD screen and now there is no weird scaling/font rendering on the screen anymore.

Tips & Tricks


Single Click One finger
Double Click One finger double tap
Right Click Two fingers tap or ALT + one finger tap
Back Two finger left to right
Forward Two finger right to left
Scroll Two finger down
Tab left Three finger left to right
Tab right Three finger right to left
Open windows Three finger down

Chromebook Keyboard

Google has a nice overview of all the shortkeys on this page.

The best shortkey to use is CTRL + ALT + ? which shows the build in visual keyboard shortkeys explanation. Just click on a SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key for the shortkeys of each key (combination).

Here are the screenshots of the different CTRL – ALT – SHIFT  combinations


Chrome Keyboard CTRL


Chrome Keyboard CTRL ALT


Chrome Visual Keyboard CTRL SHIFT


Chrome Keyboard ALT


Chrome Keyboard SHIFT ALT


Chrome Keyboard SHIFT

Attached Keyboard

F4 Full screen Chrome window which auto hides the Chrome tab bar
Right Click Right Click


So, what do you think ?