Magento Index process is working now and won’t re-index (solved)

Via the Magento CMS I got the message:

Magento index process is working now 0

This is the general message when trying to index. The message will be specific if you try to index a specific table:

Stock Status Index process is working now
Product Attributes Index process is working now
Product Prices Index process is working now

My Magento installation was moved 24H ago to a new server. So probably an issue caused by old/new database or files locked. These are the solutions I found and tried.

1) Clear /var/locks folder

Magento writes out a lock file to the var/locks folder while processing the indexes. The files have the following format for each process you have


The lock file prevents another user from starting an indexing process. If these files are stuck, this could prevent you from indexing. You can clear those files via FTP or SSH, depending whether you have sufficiënt rights.


  • Goto folder /var/locks/ and delete all entries

 Via SSH

  • Login with your SHH client
  • Goto your magento installlation: cd /path_to_magento/
  • Delete all file of var/locks folder: rm -rf var/locks/*
  • Make sure you have sufficient permissions to the

    var/locks folders (e.g. 777)

In my case the locks were removed but didn’t resolve the re-indexing via the CMS

2) Give /var/lock folder 777 permissions

Magento needs sufficient rights to the /var/locks folder.

  • Login with your SHH client
  • Goto your magento installlation: cd /path_to_magento/
  • Set folder permission: chmod 777 var/locks/*

3) Re-index via ssh

When Magento starts indexing of each item in the ‘Index Management’ list it sets ‘status’ field of correlative entire of ‘index_process’ table to ‘working’. If error happens during the indexing process script halts and status remains as ‘working’. You can re-run the index via SSH. Here is the command:

php shell/indexer.php reindexall

This is the SSH output screen I got after running this command.

Magento php indexer command
All my tables have been re-indexed and this is the resulting output in Magento CMS

Magento index process is working now 1 The status was still stuck in processing and the “Stock Status Index process is working now” message was still there.

4) Restart apache

I went to webmin and restarted the apache server. Finally this resulted in resetting the index management. I restarted Apache several times in the last 24H, but probably the actions in 1) to 3) supported this process.

Magento index management

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